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Our mission is to provide high quality and nutritional fruits and vegetables juice as well as hygienic meats for consumption in both near and remote regions of Nigeria. In addition, the company process high quality crops for use nationwide.
Our immediate plan is to reposition and expand our fresh juice production. The fresh fruit products are made from organic fruits and vegetables found across Nigeria. Our products are made from pure orange juice, or a mix of pineapple, orange and ginger juice; carrot, orange and ginger juice; sour soup and grape juice; and the green forest juice made from vegetables.

The company sources for its raw materials from an established chain of suppliers and local farmers across Nigeria which enables her get fresh fruits to meet her production needs. More so, with our premium standard hygiene processing procedure, packages and warehousing facility already in place, we will be able to produce most of the year. The global market for organic foods grew by almost 200% in the last decade despite their higher price. Growth in this market can be seen majorly due to rising health concerns among consumers, awareness of the health benefits of organic food as well as government and non-governmental agencies initiatives aimed at encouraging widespread adoption of organic products. Nigeria being the most populous and the second largest economy in Africa has a fair share of this market.